Some recent work – much of it from the portfolio I’ve been working on these last few months.

These photos (and most of the other ones on my website) are now available to buy as C-prints in A4 and A3 sizes (approx) upon request. Larger prints can be arranged too. Please contact me for more details (


Dome I, Dome II


Bloom, Thistle I, Thistle II






Veg + Fruit I, II and III


Veg + Fruit IIII














Bird Cherry, Cherry Blossom


two months in a blink of an eye

So, I went back to Sweden in the beginning of March for the last three months of my degree. I had all the intentions in the world to update here frequently during these months but I just haven’t. The last month or so has been incredibly busy with final project work, work on a series of portraits and also work on my portfolio – selecting and pairing photos and then printing them. The portfolio had to be ready today – tomorrow I’m off to Paris with some of my class mates as we’re participating in J.E.E.P  – a French photo event/fair for European photo students, part of the photo festival Circulation(s). I was very happy/lucky to get some of my photos published on the J.E.E.P. website – you can see them here.

Most of the photos from my portfolio are now online at my web portfolio. My favourite new work is the series of portraits I’ve just finished, which is inspired by women of the late 19th century – I’ve looked at portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron and portraits of Virgina Woolf and created my own takes on them. I’ve had much valued help by the amazing retoucher Filip Sigholm which I’m very grateful for.


There’s one more portrait in this series but I need to wait a short while before it an be published.


zoe’s ghana kitchen

I’m a little biased as my husband is Ghanaian but I love the country – and its food. We eat quite a lot of West African food at home (both Ghanaian and Nigerian – there are similarities and there’s also so many more Nigerian restaurants in London).

8_webLast summer I stumbled across this little Ghanaian restaurant called Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen in the new(ish) Pop Brixton market, and I had a great meal there with some friends and have recommended it widely since. For my work, I’m very interested in shooting food and thus I suggested to Zoe that I’d photograph her dishes. I’ve been there twice to shoot, and will hopefully return in the summer to take some more photos.



The tiny restaurant is located on a mezzanine floor of the market, which is constructed out of shipping containers.


The food is delicious – great versions of classic Ghanaian dishes.


For more photos of the food have a look at my portfolio and my instagram. And if you’re in London, get over to Brixton!!

The food photos are retouched by Pia Sjogren.

brockley x 2

My mum is here visiting and yesterday I took her to two new local favourite places of mine. First stop, Brockley Farmers Market, which takes place every Saturday.


It’s smallish but full of local produce stalls and food trucks.


We bought fresh juice, rhubarb, hot oak smoked salmon and some fab cheese.


Then we put the food in the car and walked across the road to the amazing reclamation yard/antique/furniture/junk store Alladin’s Cave. I could probably spend a week in here and still not have gone through more than a fraction of the stuff.


I got a few ideas for stuff to get as props for future photos, plus found a pretty good table for our balcony – have to go back there soon!

kids+forest+fake fog


Yesterday I borrowed a bunch of beautiful children and with the help of my friend Charlotte (who is the mum of three of the kids) I took some photos in a south London forest, using plumbing smoke bombs for the fog effect.


I love the fog effect and I’m already planning another shoot using it.


Thanks to Charlotte and all the kids – Mudi, Oyoma, Tilly, Welma and Edirin.


fruit + veg


Last spring I started shooting fruit and veg in the studio, and I’ve just had the finished results back from the retoucher. The green one was the first one I shot.


I was photographing with the school’s PhaseOne medium format camera and managed to lose the files so I had to redo it. Then I shot the red ones.


And finally the yellow ones.


Then I left Sweden and came back to London, where I did a white one, which isn’t really a part of the series as i’ve used a different backdrop, but still.


finally some light

It’s been raining for what feels like ages – and when it hasn’t been raining it’s been dark. But this morning I woke up, stumbled into our living room and it was flooded with light.


The big daffodils are blooming but the baby ones are still buds (and on the balcony in the background, my geraniums have never looked better – they are blooming and growing huge. In January!).


The sky was finally blue blue blue.


I started the morning by baking the bread that had been proving in the fridge overnight.


It really feels like spring today. I’m excited about this year – I have a few more months in London before my last semester in Sweden – in June I will graduate and then I will hopefully be able to make a living freelancing as a photographer. For now it looks good: the list on my fridge is getting pretty long –  I have a few jobs coming up this week, as well as a couple of really interesting collaborations and a number of own ideas.



new home

About a month ago we moved from our beloved flat of eleven years. It’s the longest I’ve ever lived somewhere (apart from where I grew up) – I’ve lived in over 20 flats in London over 20 years, which means I moved an awful lot of times before staying in the same place for eleven years. It’s really hard to get used to not living there anymore, though I already really love our new place. Nothing will beat the view we had in our old place (look back in this blog and there are lots of photos of it)  but there are some good things about this place too:

Our balcony is more like a roof terrace. We’ll fit a table seating at least 8 people out there – and a lot of plants.


Our old (tiny) balcony overlooked gardens and I was worried about not getting such a good deal again. But we did. This one is overlooking a school yard so after 4pm it’s dead quiet and no one can see our balcony either – it feels extremely private a space. The school kids are pretty noisy at break times but we’re not usually at home then anyway, and it surely beats a busy London street which is the norm.


But if we lean out a little we also get this sunset view. 2

Our new kitchen is a million times better than the old one.


And our bedroom is much more peaceful, less full of clutter (thanks to the pretty amazing storage space) and with some nice quirky angles.


So far, so good. Now we’re just waiting for this winter to go really quick so we can start enjoying our new outdoor space!

nail varnish still life

I’m back in London for six months work practice, which is part of the 2nd year of the course I’m doing. I’m lucky to do my work practice with a very nice guy who lets me use his studio when he’s not. So yesterday I played around a little with some nail varnish.

nailvarnish2_web nailvarnish1ready_web

More still life work to come when I next get to use the studio for my own work.

endless summer in london

So, for the first time since I was maybe 17, I have had a proper summer holiday. As in over two months off. Most of that time was spent at home in London. I hardly ever have time off in London – all the years I’ve lived here I’ve travelled elsewhere every single day of annual leave, so it has been great to be off all summer.  It has been a pretty decent summer too, hardly no rain at all. I haven’t been taking my camera with me all that much this summer so there’s just a few photos to show here. However, for more London in the summer photos check out my instagram feed – photos from concerts, festivals, restaurants etc.

London in summer = parks + London parks are the best parks.

20150716-_DSC7068 20150716-_DSC7097 20150725-_DSC7268I‘ve picked blackberries with my fiends and their kids.20150725-_DSC7272 20150725-_DSC7270

I’ve had a lot of lovely visitors.

20150708-_DSC6911 20150710-_DSC7041 20150716-_DSC7105

We spent a lot of time in the beer gardens of South London.20150716-_DSC7110 20150716-_DSC7108 20150716-_DSC7121 20150717-_DSC7135

and newly discovered coffee shops. 20150717-_DSC7127 20150717-_DSC7129 20150811-_DSC7464

We’ve walked all over London and admired lots of lovely houses. 20150710-_DSC7029 20150710-_DSC7031 20150710-_DSC7048 20150811-_DSC7457 20150811-_DSC7458

I’ve seen political public art installations and the yearly Serpentine temporary pavilion.20150717-_DSC7126 20150716-_DSC7090 20150716-_DSC7071

Summer evenings in London are best spent on the rooftop bar Franks in Peckham.

20150717-_DSC7158 20150717-_DSC7167 20150717-_DSC7169 20150717-_DSC7172 20150717-_DSC7176 20150717-_DSC7191

Now the summer break is nearly over, I’m in Sweden for two weeks of lectures and then back in London for six months work practice which I’m really looking forward to.

some of the things we did in nyc

20150701-_DSC6749Following our time in Toronto, we jumped on a flight and arrived in a hot and summery New York.


We stayed in an amazing place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, that we found through air b’n’b – if you are going to New York and need a place to stay, let me know and I’ll send you a link to this great place – the top floor of a typical Brooklyn brownstone, beautifully decorated (and with effective air-con, luckily as it was boiling hot the entire visit). I also stayed in another great air b’n’b (in Williamsburg) the last week as Rome had to go back home earlier than me.

20150621-_DSC5488 20150621-_DSC5498

Really near our flat in Fort Greene was the Brooklyn Love Building with its Biggie Smalls mural –  I made my husband help me look for it for hours the last time we were in NYC. This time we had dinner at the restaurant Habana which served fab Mexican food and even better frozen margaritas.

20150622-_DSC5527 20150622-_DSC5530 20150622-_DSC5558 copy

We walked all over in Brooklyn, Manhattan and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

20150625-_DSC5789  20150623-_DSC561120150623-_DSC564020150623-_DSC5664

We revisited the High Line park, pretty as always but oh so crowded.20150626-_DSC5869 20150626-_DSC5872 20150626-_DSC5883 20150626-_DSC5884

We met some friends for dinner and visited others in the Bronx and Long Island, and made som great new friends too.

20150624-_DSC5724 20150624-_DSC5737

We hid from the rain in Central Park together with umbrella sellers and a wedding couple.

20150627-_DSC5974 20150627-_DSC5989 20150627-_DSC6003

We had lots and lots of good food and drinks. The lobster rolls always win.

20150627-_DSC5937 20150627-_DSC5941

We tried to visit as many rooftops as possible, both day and night. The best ones were 230 Fifth, Wythe Hotel and the various terraces of the new Whitney Museum.

20150630-_DSC6526 20150701-_DSC6673 20150701-_DSC6721 20150701-_DSC6735

There was an outdoor cinema evening in Bryant Park.


One day we took the metro to the end of the line. That way you end up in Coney Island.

20150629-_DSC638920150629-_DSC6327 20150629-_DSC6328 20150629-_DSC6381 20150629-_DSC6396 20150629-_DSC6402 20150629-_DSC6408

We partied at Pride.

20150628-_DSC6121 20150628-_DSC6183

And after two weeks of this and much else,  the final night we saw a very-nearly-manhattanhenge and was nearly hit by cars trying to catch it with the camera.

20150702-_DSC6824 20150702-_DSC6853I love New York and I can’t wait for the next visit.

toronto toronto

In early June I finally arrived back in London after my first year in photography school in Stockholm. It was great to be back in London but even better, after just a few days we went on a long holiday. First off, a week in Toronto, where none of us had been before. We stayed in the area of West Queen West – named 2nd coolest neighbourhood in the world by Elle last year- which was fab; great atmosphere, really relaxed and super friendly (like most of Toronto we discovered) and packed with cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. We had decided before we arrived to take it easy and not try to have long lists of things to do, so we took it super easy.

20150618-_DSC5030Near where we stayed in the West Queen West part of Toronto (spot us in the small mirror).

We spent hours  walking around the local area and downtown Toronto in the sun.


20150617-_DSC4942 20150617-_DSC4941 20150617-_DSC4930 20150617-_DSC4920

20150620-_DSC527820150617-_DSC4909 20150617-_DSC4908

20150618-_DSC5000 20150619-_DSC5106

We had a lot of coffees and brunches at the local hotel the Drake.



We spent a day with a million tourists at the Niagara Falls.


We never dared to try Poutine – the local speciality of chips drenched in gravy and cheese. Not that tempting. All the food we had in Toronto was delicious though – some fab restaurants there.


We spent some hot days by the harbour.

20150620-_DSC5340 20150620-_DSC5303


And one night we took a wrong turn that turned out to be the right turn, as we ended up at this amazing street festival.

20150621-_DSC5461 20150621-_DSC5436

We loved Toronto and will definitely go back again. But after a final drink on the Hyatt’s roof terrace overlooking the city it was time to leave – for New York! The NYC photos are coming soon…

20150620-_DSC5399 20150617-_DSC4947

new portfolio

I’ve been on summer break since early June and totally forgotten to update this poor neglected blog. I have lots of photos to share from the summer – from Toronto, New York and, of course, London. Soon come!

I’ve spent a few weeks sorting out my other site which is now slowly owing together as a portfolio site. Please have a look at it – There’s some portraits. food photography and wedding photos there. This portrait of my friend’s son was added just a few minutes ago.


I’ll be back very soon with some new photos!

we all scream for ice-cream

For the last few months I’ve been working on a project with my classmate Emma and a few of the retouch students, photographing loads of ice-cream for Stockholms Glasshus, a family run ice-cram parlour who makes their own ice-cream in any flavour you might think of. Emma and I have photographed all the 65+ flavours on cones as well as ice-cream cakes and desserts, and a few weeks ago we spent a day in Emma’s flat shooting more creative and illustrative photos with ice-cream. Stockholm Glasshus will use the photos on their new website (coming soon! I will link to it when it’s up and running) and for press. Here are a few sneak peaks:




All photography by Sarah Rimmö-Toure and Emma Grann. Retouch by Sofia Rogers, Pia Örn, Filip Sigholm and Mattias Goldmann.


Together with a few of my classmates I participated in the collaboration Re-Design, where fashion and jewellery students at Folkuniversitetet (where my school is also based) worked together to create outfits and jewellery out of recycled materials. I spent an afternoon with Maria and Madelen in the studio and shot their creations. The photos, along with photos of the designs of the other students, have just been exhibited at Folkuniversitetet.


Fashion design by Maria Granholm.  Jewellery by Madelen Kjellsdotter. Retouch by Simon Gagner.